Wow! This Amazing USB Clock Fan Costs Only $5.99 with free shipping

Just stumbled upon this gadget on gearbest and i think it you would surely want to own something like this.

It's a small techy gadget one of a kind, simple portable and unique - it's a Mini USB flexible Time Clock Fan with LED Light for PC / Laptop / Power Bank, beautifully designed to match your taste. It will bring you more cool and right time in office, at home etc. Most of all, it is also a way to time yourself. It has a time setting feature.

USB Clock Fan connected to laptop

There's a reason why you should own this wonderful USB clock fan not just because it's has a little price tag ($5.99 i.e #2000 or there about) but mainly because of the state of nigeria's epileptic power supply.

This amazing fan can also be presented as a nice gift to your loved ones, expressing your tech minded nature. It is the best way to show your refined taste and express yourself. Premium and practical, very easy to use. Simply stylish!
USB fan connected to power bank
Main Features:
1. Plug and play, no external power supply is needed.
2. Power supply DC 5V direct from the USB port.
3. Keep fanning until you unplug the USB fan or turn off the notebook or PC.
4. Gentle ray, bright, with or without frequency change, benefit from preventing eyesight.
5. Power saving design: Low power consumption.
6. Durable soft fan blades make you free of injury.
7. Gently adjust the flexible neck of USB fan to position the breeze anyway you wish.

How To Set The Time:
1. Plug the fan into a USB port and press the button to turn fan on and to activate the clock display.
2. Press and hold the button until the minute hand starts blinking then release.
3. When blinking, press and hold the button until the clock hands start to rotate and release when you reach the desired time.
4. To make small changes, press the SET button once for each minutes.
5. The time will be automatically saved in after 6 seconds no activity.
6. After the first time setting, it will be remain if power off, no need to set again.
USB clock fan
The item is on a promo(flash sale) price of $5.99 and promo ends in: 1 day 15 hours. Hurry, you better go get yours now!
Click Here to order on gearbest.

Regular price is about $11.39, after promo.


E A Jakes said...

Damn it! I'm empty if not i for buy am walahi.

E A Jakes said...

Damn it! I'm empty if not i for buy am walahi.

Adeyemi Adeolu said...

This is nice

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