QuadRooter: New Android Vulnerabilities in Over 900 Million Devices | Beware...

Hello readers! You don't deserve to be left unaware of this harmful and dangerous phone disease called "QuadRooter"

QuadRooter is a set of four vulnerabilities affecting Android devices built using "Qualcomm chipsets" Check point made it clear that if any one of the four vulnerabilities exploits, can trigger privilege escalations for the purpose of gaining root access to a device”. This level of access could also provide an attack with the ability to log keys, track the devices, e.t.c

I will advise you all to run a check on your device to make Sure your device is not vulnerable of "QuadRooter", i have run mine and my devices is not.

Although, Check points mobile threat research team says, QuadRooter only affects device that uses Qualcomm® chipsets. If yours is a mediatek chip your are free.

So phones like blackberry,samsung, LG, e.t.c that feels they are the most secure Android devices are vulnerable to this QuadRooter which has already affected over 900 million Android Smartphones and tablets.

What to do

Run a check and see if your device is vulnerable to QuadRooter or not by Downloading QuadRoot Scanner . Even if you device is  vulnerable to QuadRooter there is nothing you can do. Just wait for Google to find a fix as there are currently working on it.

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Very Dangerous

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