UPDATED: New Airtel Live 0.0 Naira Free browsing Cheat On Psiphon

Hurray! It's a brand new free browsing cheat for a brand new month, so don't be left out!!!

This new hot and blazing Airtel Live 0.0 naira free browsing cheat is as a result of the famous and already existing Airtel Entertainment store (video.ng.airtellive.com) which allow users/subscribers to download videos, games and musics at a specificied amount. But Kudos to our favorite handler and tweaking apps in the name of psiphon, Netify VPN etc because with the aid of this apps, we're now able to tweak and use the airtel entertainment store (video.ng.airtellive.com) to browse, download and stream unlimitedly for free without the need for paying a dime. 
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This implies that, your limitations to using the airtel live store to download only musics, videos and games is lifted and you can now use the platform to browse, stream, download and carryout all other browsing activities for free on your smartphone. Note that this tweak also powers all apps on your phone provided that you configure it right. Keep at the back of your mind that this can only be achieved with the help of VPN apps like psiphon, Netify etc. 

To enjoy this new Airtel Live 0.0 naira free browsing cheat on your phone, just follow the laid down procedures below and you'll be able to flex this free browsing cheat on your phone ASAP. 

Before moving ahead to configure your psiphon settings as shown below, make sure that you have 0.00 naira on your account balance and make sure you don't have an active internet data plan currently on your sim. For those of you who already have psiphon installed on your phone, you will have to clear data and cache of your psiphon app first before configuring the settings or else it won't work for you. 

Psiphon Settings For Airtel Live 0.0 Naira Free browsing cheat

Firstly, make sure that your phone APN settings is configured like this

Name: Airtel NG

APN: Internet.ng.zain.com

Username: *leave it blank*

Password: *leave it blank*

Leave the rest like that then save and activate as your default APN. 

Now, go ahead to download and install Psiphon handler, Netify VPN or pronet on your android phone and configure it as shown below. 

Untick/unmark remove port 

Proxy Type: Real Host 

Proxy Server: video.ng.airtellive.com 

Real proxy type: Default 

Real proxy port: 80

Scroll down and click on save 

On the next phase, select region as Japan or United States 

Now, click on More options located on the bottom left corner of your screen and tick connect through an HTTP Proxy 

Host address :

Port : 8080

Finally, go back and click on the start button. Kindly wait and it will connect within 10-20 seconds. Once it is connected, minimize it and start to browse Unlimited with your new Airtel Live free browsing cheat.

Please note that this cheat is currently blazing and working perfectly as at the time of writing this post. If yours isn't connecting, try it out with another SIM. Or try turning OFF your data connection then turn it ON again. 




aina toluwalase said...

Cool. Lemme try it out

Ahmad said...

Wow! I can't believe it is this fast.
Downloading tons.


let me go download psiphon sharply...asap.. nice one admin

olufemi ogunlowo said...

I will try this trick out because I have heard a lot about them.

I_amState said...

Fast and reliable. H+ here in abeokuta

olaniyi opeyemi said...

Working flawlessly for me

Mr Dinho said...


Mr Dinho said...


Unknown said...

Hiw to use it on pc simple server pls?

Mukhtar Aliyu said...

How to use it on pc?

Jacob Jakey said...

This cheat the over blaze

Jacob Jakey said...

This cheat the over blaze

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