How to Add multiple Destinations in Google Map

Yes! Google map allows you to set multiple destinations for your tour. If you're about to make a long trip then you can create multiple destinations for your journey on Google map.

Many are finding it difficult to add more than one destinations in Google map but with the help of this thread You are going to find it as easy as chewing a bubble gum.


Yes, before doing this you must have the latest version of Google map installed on you device.

How to add multiple destinations on Google Map

♦ Turn on Direction mode:-
Launch Google maps. Click"Directions" icon. And it will open Directions tool. Proceed to

♦ Choose your transportation mode
Hit the icon at the top of the Directions box to select how you will be traveling.

♦ Put Your starting point
Input your starting point. (Current location or home)

♦ Add your First destination
Now, set Your first destination. Route will be calculated from starting point to destination.

♦ Add another{second} Destination
Now you can add another destination by clicking on the plus(+) button located below First destination to add another field.

♦ Repeat previous step to add multiple destination
By repeating the previous step you can add Upto 10 destinations.

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olaniyi opeyemi said...

This is a really nice tutorial

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