How to stop self updating of Google play store

Google play store is an excellent place for Android users, it has everything an android user may need including apps, books,movies, etc.

Google play store

Google play store app is also well equipped and well updated according to present times, but despite its uniqueness it has an issue of self updating without the user permission.

Many users face this problem of limited data and for it to update itself is really annoying because it is not something that really matters at the moment.

Some people uses other ways like changing permission of play store apk file to any other alternatives but I think that's not still favourable as it will still updates itself which might make your device slow during the updating process.

Thanks to XDA member tsjoklat for introducing some modded play store apks which you will be able to disable self update and restrict app download.

Note: you will need to have root access and S-OFF on HTC phones.

How to install this play store

→ uninstall the old version of Google play store (use titanium backup to do this)

→ Reboot your device

→Download modded play store apks from the link below

Play store v3.9.16

Play store v3.9.17

Play store v3.10.9

Play store v3.10.10

Play store v3.10.14

Play store v4.0.25

Play store v4.0.26

Play store v4.0.27

→ after downloading rename the file to Vending.apk

→copy the Vending.apk file to /system/app

→enable permission by selecting these options

     RW -
     R – -

     R – -

R means "Read"
W means"Write"
- means"nothing "

→Now reboot your device. And you are done!

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