How to stop self updating of Google play store

Google play store is an excellent place for Android users, it has everything an android user may need including apps, books,movies, etc.

Google play store

Google play store app is also well equipped and well updated according to present times, but despite its uniqueness it has an issue of self updating without the user permission.

Many users face this problem of limited data and for it to update itself is really annoying because it is not something that really matters at the moment.

Some people uses other ways like changing permission of play store apk file to any other alternatives but I think that's not still favourable as it will still updates itself which might make your device slow during the updating process.

Thanks to XDA member tsjoklat for introducing some modded play store apks which you will be able to disable self update and restrict app download.

Note: you will need to have root access and S-OFF on HTC phones.

How to install this play store

→ uninstall the old version of Google play store (use titanium backup to do this)

→ Reboot your device

→Download modded play store apks from the link below

Play store v3.9.16

Play store v3.9.17

Play store v3.10.9

Play store v3.10.10

Play store v3.10.14

Play store v4.0.25

Play store v4.0.26

Play store v4.0.27

→ after downloading rename the file to Vending.apk

→copy the Vending.apk file to /system/app

→enable permission by selecting these options

     RW -
     R – -

     R – -

R means "Read"
W means"Write"
- means"nothing "

→Now reboot your device. And you are done!

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Hide files on your device

There is a simple way to hide files in your device.
You don't need a third party tool to hide files on your android smartphone.

There are several reasons to hide files on your android devices, which ever the reason may be this is an easy way to hide your sensitive files and keep them private.

Let's make it easy for everyones understanding.

To hide any file on your device open your file manager, create a new folder and name it whatever you feel like naming it.
Now move all the files you want to hide into the folder you just created.
Finally rename that same folder you created and put a dot (.) before the name. E.g .Newfolder
The folder will now be hidden, to display it goto your file manager settings and click view hidden files.
How to show hidden files and folders

All the apps in your device will not be able to access the files in the hidden folder, thus will not be able to display them.

This trick will not work on your phone if the file manager does not support hide/display files. If your phone don't support hide/display files then you will have to use a third party tool to hide files.

In addition, other apps and media viwers might compel the display of hidden files. E.g, hidden images showed up in the form of generic image thumbnails when I tried to attach media in a Messenger.

I will advice you to test this method with a few unused files to see if and how the trick works on your device before proceeding.

Which method do you use in hiding files on phone? If you have a different method, you can also contribute below at the comment box.

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Wow! This Amazing USB Clock Fan Costs Only $5.99 with free shipping

Just stumbled upon this gadget on gearbest and i think it you would surely want to own something like this.

It's a small techy gadget one of a kind, simple portable and unique - it's a Mini USB flexible Time Clock Fan with LED Light for PC / Laptop / Power Bank, beautifully designed to match your taste. It will bring you more cool and right time in office, at home etc. Most of all, it is also a way to time yourself. It has a time setting feature.

USB Clock Fan connected to laptop

There's a reason why you should own this wonderful USB clock fan not just because it's has a little price tag ($5.99 i.e #2000 or there about) but mainly because of the state of nigeria's epileptic power supply.

This amazing fan can also be presented as a nice gift to your loved ones, expressing your tech minded nature. It is the best way to show your refined taste and express yourself. Premium and practical, very easy to use. Simply stylish!
USB fan connected to power bank
Main Features:
1. Plug and play, no external power supply is needed.
2. Power supply DC 5V direct from the USB port.
3. Keep fanning until you unplug the USB fan or turn off the notebook or PC.
4. Gentle ray, bright, with or without frequency change, benefit from preventing eyesight.
5. Power saving design: Low power consumption.
6. Durable soft fan blades make you free of injury.
7. Gently adjust the flexible neck of USB fan to position the breeze anyway you wish.

How To Set The Time:
1. Plug the fan into a USB port and press the button to turn fan on and to activate the clock display.
2. Press and hold the button until the minute hand starts blinking then release.
3. When blinking, press and hold the button until the clock hands start to rotate and release when you reach the desired time.
4. To make small changes, press the SET button once for each minutes.
5. The time will be automatically saved in after 6 seconds no activity.
6. After the first time setting, it will be remain if power off, no need to set again.
USB clock fan
The item is on a promo(flash sale) price of $5.99 and promo ends in: 1 day 15 hours. Hurry, you better go get yours now!
Click Here to order on gearbest.

Regular price is about $11.39, after promo.

QuadRooter: New Android Vulnerabilities in Over 900 Million Devices | Beware...

Hello readers! You don't deserve to be left unaware of this harmful and dangerous phone disease called "QuadRooter"

QuadRooter is a set of four vulnerabilities affecting Android devices built using "Qualcomm chipsets" Check point made it clear that if any one of the four vulnerabilities exploits, can trigger privilege escalations for the purpose of gaining root access to a device”. This level of access could also provide an attack with the ability to log keys, track the devices, e.t.c

I will advise you all to run a check on your device to make Sure your device is not vulnerable of "QuadRooter", i have run mine and my devices is not.

Although, Check points mobile threat research team says, QuadRooter only affects device that uses Qualcomm® chipsets. If yours is a mediatek chip your are free.

So phones like blackberry,samsung, LG, e.t.c that feels they are the most secure Android devices are vulnerable to this QuadRooter which has already affected over 900 million Android Smartphones and tablets.

What to do

Run a check and see if your device is vulnerable to QuadRooter or not by Downloading QuadRoot Scanner . Even if you device is  vulnerable to QuadRooter there is nothing you can do. Just wait for Google to find a fix as there are currently working on it.

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Etisalat Launches 1GB For N200 Night Plan

For sure night data plans have been one of the ways most internet users get to enjoy cheap and affordable browsing with reasonable amount of data cap. Prior to now, we have enjoyed varieties of night data plans from telecoms ranging from MTN 500MB for N25 and also that of Airtel 1.5GB for N50 which most of us are still flexing up till date. And now, Etisalat have unleashed theirs too. Join me as i tour you through the new etisalat 1GB for N200 night plan.

Introducing the all new Etisalat 1GB for N200 night plan usable between 12am - 5am valid for only 1 night. The plan is available to all Etisalat prepaid customers. To enjoy just recharge your line with the appropriate amount, subscribe and start flexing it. See how to subscribe below...

Etisalat night plan

How To Subscribe
Recharge your etisalat SIM/line with N200 and dial *229*3*11# to activate the night plan.

Read also: Airtel Night plan of 1.5gb and 500mb for N50 and N25 and more...

Note: It can only be used to browse starting from 12am at night and ending by 5am that same night.

Will it work on my phone? 
This new etisalat night plan works on any kind of phone you can think of be it Android, iOS, Blackberry, java, symbian etc.  It even works on
PC too.

Comparing all the night plans i.e mtn 500MB for N25, Airtel 1.5GB for N50 and Etisalat 1GB for N200;
What do you think of this new etisalat night plans?

Fascinating tricks and tips in Google search box most of you don't know

Fascinating tricks and tips in Google search box? You are at the right page

The internet has lots of essential information available. There are also lots of tricks and tips available which assist us many times, but at times ignorance don't allow us to get the boon of this tricks. What i am about showing you are fascinating tips and tricks in Google search box. After knowing these tricks you will be able to get immediate results from the undisputed search engine box (Google search box).

One needs to improve his knowledge everyday by knowing different things and maybe one has to search for the information during surfing.
While trying to get an information on the internet, we have to input keywords in the search box. But often times, you don't get the suitable information or have to be searching for long to get the required outcome of what you are looking for, due to lack of pricise keywords.

There are many fascinating tricks of Google search box which assist us to get an exact information instantly.

Using interesting tricks/tips in Google search box.

While searching on google search box, you will get exact result if you type the following keywords which will be given in the post.

Let's look at few examples.

Sunset and sunrise time:-

Sunset and sunrise of any country can be known easily with the help of Google search box. You can easily know this with the aid of this trick. To  view the sunset or sunrise of any country around the world, all you have to do is type "Sunset country name" and hit the enter button. E.g "sunset Nigeria" and hit the enter key. For sunsrise. "Sunsrise Nigeria" and hit the enter button.

Actual time of a country

This is also an interesting feature, as at times we need to know the specific time of another country.
In that case just goto Google search box and type this keywords. "Time Country name" e.g "time Argentina"and click enter.

As a calculator:-

At times when surfing the internet you might want to use a calculator, no need to exit or minimize to calculate something, just type the following keywords in Google search box. E.g if you want to multiply, type 17*979 and click the enter key. And you will get an instant result.

Nutritional comparison:-

Everyone is suppose to be health conscious, and google search box can help us do an instant nutritional comparison between fruits. It has the ability to even display all information about the vitamins, calories,minerals e.t.c during the comparison. To do this in the Google search box type the following keywords. e.g If you want to compare Cashew and Grape. Just type Cashew vs Grape in the box and hit the enter key.

Convert numbers into alphabets:-

You can easily and instantly covert figures into alphabets with the help of Google search box.

Most of us find it difficult converting figures into text format but with this trick you can instantly do this. If you want to do this type the following keywords. E.g if you want to convert 87651 in text format then you have to type "87651 in English" in the Google search box and hit enter.

Festive Date:-

There are many festivals which you can't miss during each year. To know the date of any popular festival then you have to type the name of the festival and year then click enter. It will display the actual day and date of the festival.

Distance between two cities:-

This is also an awesome feature of Google search box. We all know you can view the distance between two cities with the help of Google map but you can also do this with Google search box by inputting the following keywords. E.g if you want to know the distance between Abuja to Lagos then you have to type "Abuja to Lagos distance" in the search box and click enter.

Population Graph:-

This feature allows you to know the population graph of any country. You can easily do this by typing "population country name" e.g if you want to know the population graph of Germany then you will have to type "population Germany" and hit the enter key. It also displays population comparison with other countries.

Timer :-

This is also an amazing feature.
This feature allows you to set timer on the internet.

To set timer you will have to type this in the Google search box "timer" and click enter. Now it will display two options a timer and a stopwatch.

To set timer just use this trick. If you want to set a timer of 1minute 52seconds. Type this in the Google search box."set timer to 1 minute and 52 seconds " and hit the enter button. You will also have a reset button option there.

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How to Add multiple Destinations in Google Map

Yes! Google map allows you to set multiple destinations for your tour. If you're about to make a long trip then you can create multiple destinations for your journey on Google map.

Many are finding it difficult to add more than one destinations in Google map but with the help of this thread You are going to find it as easy as chewing a bubble gum.


Yes, before doing this you must have the latest version of Google map installed on you device.

How to add multiple destinations on Google Map

♦ Turn on Direction mode:-
Launch Google maps. Click"Directions" icon. And it will open Directions tool. Proceed to

♦ Choose your transportation mode
Hit the icon at the top of the Directions box to select how you will be traveling.

♦ Put Your starting point
Input your starting point. (Current location or home)

♦ Add your First destination
Now, set Your first destination. Route will be calculated from starting point to destination.

♦ Add another{second} Destination
Now you can add another destination by clicking on the plus(+) button located below First destination to add another field.

♦ Repeat previous step to add multiple destination
By repeating the previous step you can add Upto 10 destinations.

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update is Finally Here!! Download

Last year, Microsoft officially launched Windows 10. Many users installed it and it was really amazing.

Few days back Microsoft Announced a Windows 10 Anniversary update which will have many new awesome features.

The update is now available and set, am currently using and enjoying it and I believe you will also like it.

Major features of the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Virtual Desktop pins: This features allows user to pin an open app to a virtual Desktop.

Bash shell: This allows you to run Linux commands on your PC, and strong enough to run graphical Linux softwares.

This update is also with a dark theme for users who feel the Windows 10 theme is too bright.

Windows 10 users can now ties their operating syatem license to a Microsoft account. This is made possible with a new feature called “Activation Troubleshooter”.

There are many other improvements to Edge browser, Cortana, visual changes to the start menu, and other new tweaks and tricks.

Download the update below:-

For those who have poor Network reception use the Media creation Tool to create appropriate ISO files HERE, if you have excellent network reception download below.

English version

Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO x86 (32-bit) HERE

Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO x64 (64-bit) Download link is loading...

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New Psiphon A+ Pro Settings For Glo 0.00 Free browsing Solves Disconnection issues

It's quite true that most of you are already getting fed up with this glo 0.00 free browsing cheat of a thing but all i have to say is that you exercise more patience as we're getting close to the final remedy.
A new psiphon A+ Pro settings for glo 0.00 naira unlimited free browsing cheat has surfaced and this one is a little bit promising as it solves the frequent disconnection issues for most people. I just hope it works for you too.

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For me as at the time i tried this new psiphon A+ Pro settings, it connected for almost 10 minutes without disconnecting and i shared it for some of my pals to also try it and give me feedback before blogging it here. The feedbacks gotten from them sounds good to hear as most of them said it connected for about 10-15 minutes without frequent disconnection. The major problem about this new settings is that it takes long time to connect if you don't have strong Glo 3G network at your location. Below is the new Psiphon A+ Pro Settings for Glo 0.00 free browsing cheat.
Psiphon A+ Pro Connected

Create a new APN on your phone as follows;
APN Settings
Name: Glo
APN: glosecure
Username: gprs
Password: gprs
Leave every other thing as it is and save. Don't forget to activate it as your default APN.

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Now, make sure you have 0.00kb on your account balance. Go ahead to send an SMS with the word PAYU to 127. Proceed below

Psiphon A+ Pro Settings For Glo 0.00 Free Browsing Cheat

Click here to Download Psiphon A+ Pro
Having downloaded it, install and launch the Psiphon A+ Pro on your Android phone. Configure like this;

Tick remove port 
Proxy Type: Real Host

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Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: SOCKS
Real Proxy Port: 80
Psiphon A+Pro Settings
Scroll down and click on OK. A pup up message will appear but don't mind it just click on tunnel whole device.
On the next screen, Select region as Best Performance.

Click on start and wait for it to connect. Once connected, just minimize it. Launch any browser of your choice and start browsing, streaming and downloading unlimitedly with glo 0.00 free browsing cheat on your phone.

Let's hear from you whether this has solved the frequent disconnection issue or not.

GLO Launches TGIF Bundle, 3GB For N500 Weekend/Night Data Plan

Those of you hiding under the shadows and claiming not to be aware of this plan, Glo have decided to officially launch it so let's see how you'll begin to claim ignorant of it again.
Well, i know that the sharp guys here are already rocking this Glo weekend/night data plan and it doesn't sound strange to them anymore because it has been treated here long ago. For those of you who are not aware of it, i think we should start like this.

Glo officially launched TGIF data plan which gives customers 3GB of data for only N500 usable during weekends + 7 nights(00-05am).

The offer will be available to all Glo subscribers from 12:01 am every Saturday morning to Sunday evening at 11:59pm.
Glo TGIF Bundle

How To Subscribe 
Go ahead to dial *777# and follow the prompt like this; Data services>>Buy data>>Night and weekend plan. Or to make it easy, simply dial *777*1*1*7#.

Fear not because the plan works perfectly on all internet enabled mobile phones so feel free to try it out.

No doubt it is a nice weekend data plan but the question is, can you really enjoy the plan with this baba go slow network?

Special Privilege!! Get Airtel 6GB Data For Just N1,500

As you and i continue to seek for cheap and affordable data plans, so do the telcos continue to unleash new data plans to meet up our expectations. Airtel is continuously dropping new data plans trying their very own best to win the heart of all internet users and i think you'll definitely fall for this one. 
The smartphone network calls this one special privilege offer and it is pretty much cool as it gives you a gigantic 6GB worth of data for only N1,500. No be lie, It's actually a privilege to get such an offer.

Airtel Special Privilege Offer

How can i enjoy the special privilege offer? 
It's pretty much easy. Just recharge your line with N1,500 and dial *440*161#
Simply dial *123*10#* to check your data balance. 

Will it work on my phone? 
Yes. It works on all phones you can think of be it Android, blackberry, iPhone, iPad, windows, java, symbian etc 

How long long is the validity? 
The 6GB data is valid for 30days

Is the plan sim selective? 
No. It works on all Airtel sims whether new or old. 

Well, i haven't tried it on an Airtel sim that subscibed to 2GB for N200 2g plan so i can't really say whether it will work on that sim or not. You can try it and give us feedback. 


Specs And Launch Date Of Infinix Note 3 – X601

As Infinix set to release us another beast which will be launch on August 17th, we are all looking forward to hold the beast and use it till the fullest. Many rumours all over the Internet about this device has been making many people shaking in their boot.

Infinix note 3 - X601

Am going to give you the major specs of this beast device with the exact launching date of this beast device (infinix note 3 - X601).

Infinix note 3 - X601

Without wasting time for much talk, Let quickly look at the runner up of this beast.


=>> Display: 6.0 inches FHD IPS display with 1920 X 1080 pixel screen resolution

=>> Camera: 13MP/16MP back camera with LED flash and a 5MP/8MP front facing camera for the dual variants

=>> Processor: 1.3GHz Octa core MediaTek MT6573 chipset with Mali-T20 GPU and 2.0GHz Octa core Helio X10 MT6795 with PowerVR G6200 GPU

=>> Memory and RAM: 16GB/32GB internal storage with 128GB expandable external MicroSD  and 2GB/3GB RAM

=>> WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth:  WiFi 802.11 b/g/n WiFi hotspot, WiFi direct and version 4.1 Bluetooth

=>> Loud Speaker and Audio Port: Yes with 3.5mm jack

=>> OS: XOS based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

=>> Battery: 4500mAh Li-Po battery with quick charge technology

=>> Network: 2G/3G and 4G LTE

=>> Dimension: XXX XXX XXXmm

 =>> SIM: Dual standby Micro SIM

=>> Video: 1080p@30fps

=>> GPS: A-GPS

=>> USB: Micro USB V 2.0, USB Type-C

OTHERS:  light sensor, HTML5 browser, G-sensor, document viewer, Accelerometer and proximity sensors, Fm radio,  image viewer and editor, etc.

As we have giving you the specifications and launching date of infinix note 3 - X601, so will be the price of this beast device as soon as it is launch on August 17th.

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